You will know what a society really is the way they take care of those who cannot fend for themselves. Time and time again history has shown us that the human spirit can display and project the greatest evil and also the greatest good that one can think of. One of those greatest hallmarks in human societies is when we are able to conjure the idea that people who needs care and special attention in our society should have an institution that they can go to when they needed help, and we were able to realize that idea into many of our instructions today.

Now we have governments, schools, hospitals, and all other institutions. These are great innovations of human societies but also across time we have seen how we have neglected these institutions and have forgotten to give our praise, appreciation, and recognition on these institutions. Here are some of the most underrated and least appreciated care institutions today.

Public Hospitals

In many developing countries one of the least supported institutions would be the public hospitals. Because of its default destination for those people who cannot afford and has no money, these hospitals have been degraded as some of the most ill-equipped and commonly short-staffed in many countries.

Aside from these problems they are also regarded as least in priorities when it comes to doctors and their service because of poor compensation. But they are one the ones who are also very diligent in taking care of their patients, they are also the ones who are most likely to do the extra mile for their patients.

Home for the Aged

In many western countries, the practice has been that when their parents reach a certain age where they cannot fully take care of themselves what the family members usually do is to send their parents on aged relatives into the home for the aged. Since many of them has a life of their own and some even works from a distant location, they’d just want to send their relatives and loved ones in a place where they know that that they can be taken care of.

Despite these, the institutions who take care of such old people are least appreciated in their work and field. Most, if not all, of these professions who work in these fields has aged care certificate that they have earned through credits in their educational attainments or through specialized trainings. These people are truly competent and ready to take care of aged loved ones and relatives and they truly deserve our respect and appreciation.


One of the greatest benefits after World War 2 was the founding of orphanages around the world especially in war torn areas. It was after the war that soldiers and governments realized that one of the biggest damages of war was that in conflict zones many children lost their parents and families as a consequence and become orphans.

So, governments found the initial orphanages for these children, so that there would be an institution that would take care of them at least on the most basic needs of these children it will be met by these orphan houses. Most orphanages today are operated by religious institutions.

As a society we have to bear the obligation to support and appreciate these institutions for the sake of those who really need it. 

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