There may be many reasons as to why you want to go study abroad this may be that a university abroad is much better for the field of study you have chosen or that you want to study abroad so you can experience a new environment, regardless of the reason there are steps that you have to consider before you travel abroad.

Choose the university

You might already have an idea to what university you want to attend if not you can surf the internet to find out good university you want to enroll. Once you have fixed on the university go to their webpage to receive more information regarding the procedure for application for foreign student, usually the page contains the form that you have to fill, go through them carefully and fill them up and look what other documents they would need and arrange them all.

Another thing you can do is do some research and find an agency responsible for sending students abroad there are many trustable places out there who help with the entire procedure. Make sure you contact a trustable source.


Travelling abroad costs a lot of money, therefore make sure you have enough money with you that would cover the application process, the tuition and the ticket and accommodation. You would have to open up a bank account too this way you have a means of doing transaction when you go to the other country.


This is another thing that has to be considered. Some universities provide lodgings, for example women’s college accommodation in Brisbane where you can stay. If you know someone already in the country you are travelling you can get the help of that person to find you a place to stay.

The agency usually helps you with arranging accommodation if you are going through them, you will also be able to meet up with people who travel to the same country as you if you are going through an agency; you can talk with them and share the place with them this would help with reducing the money spent on the place to stay.

Arranging the document

To travel abroad you would need a passport, do not wait till the last moment to get this, if you don’t have the passport application for it but if you have a passport check the expiry of the passport and renew if necessary. You need to get the visa to the country you are going to travel as well, if you are going through a mediator usually, they can take care of this otherwise you have to get it on your own. Once all the documents are prepared all there is left to do is book the ticket.

Prepare everything

Do some shopping before you fly, get all the materials you want this can be the books, the laptop. The season in the country you are going to travel is going to be different therefore purchase appropriate clothes and pack your suitcase and do some reading on the place you are going to travel to. This might help you adjust to the place quickly.

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