The atmosphere of the classroom plays an important role in effective learning. We often pay so much attention to the content of the syllabus that we oversee any loopholes in the learning environment. An effective classroom has to be welcoming to the kids, make them feel comfortable and make them want to learn. A makeover is not about redecorating, but rather can be done in a few simple steps. Here are they.

  1. Clear Away The Clutter And Clean

The most important feature of a classroom is its cleanliness and hygiene. Students spend many hours inside the class and hence it should be free from germs and dust. Also cleanliness makes the class pleasant. First, remove all clutter. Whatever you have not used in the past year needs to go in the dustbin. Clear out the walls, the drawers and cupboards. Whatever old books, donate them to the school library or any outside organization. Sweep and mop the floors, change the curtains, wash the windows and keep the class spic and span. A clutter free room gives students more space to move around and feel free, rather than being congested.

  • Seek Donations

If you plan on painting the walls and benches after you remove permanent marker from bench, get new furniture or some educational equipment such as a projector, then you might need some donations to finance it. The school can provide or either get help from parents and local businesses. Such donations are tax deductible so companies will be happy to help. Accept donations both in cash and kind.

  • Make Comfort Key

As mentioned before, your students should be comfortable in class for effective learning. Ensure the chairs are not too stiff, the tables shouldn’t have dangerously pointy edges, the lighting should not be too harsh and also the arrangement should be less stressful. It means that the chairs should be arranged in a way that all students can see the blackboard well, they have enough space around them so they can move about or keep all belongings safely. Some kids might be disturbed by loud noises so check the external environment around the class to see if any construction is going on. If so, necessary steps should be taken to either block the noise or halter the work till school hours are over.

  • ReevaluateAs Necessary

It is very easy to get back into a mess especially with kids. So put in place a cleaning chart so that the hygiene can be maintained. Put some ground rules such as no writing on desks or walls. Educate them on the importance of having a neat and well maintained class.

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