Not everyone who graduates high school wants to start off with college, some would go to the extent of taking off a year or two before continuing or might even settle permanently with something else. This might be the perfect time to discover and explore different options to identify what one wants to do.

Travel Abroad

One thing you can consider is travelling abroad, after being constantly exposed to textbooks, classroom and assignment it would be a nice break to travel to a different country and enjoy the time off. Of course, the money part comes to play, while studying in high school many would have worked part time and saved up some money if you have saved up sufficient amount you can use this to travel abroad. It would be a nice experience too, to explore a different place, interact with different people learn about different cultures, maybe you might even find out if you want to pursue something to do with travel.


You might have engaged in this during school days or not regardless of helping the society in some way brings about satisfaction and you can even enter this in your resume later on when you are applying for a job. Research for an organization that receives these sorts of help and volunteer in those places.

Take Up Courses

There are many courses online that provide a practical student learning tool for IT diploma to learn new skills. These are usually short-term course that you can finish off within a few months and even receive a certificate. You can even learn computer language as it’s very useful. With everything digitalized it’s easy to acquire them and can be done at the comforts of your house.


Taking a break gives you loads of opportunities to get the required experience which may come in handy when you later choose to pursue your interest. Therefore,if you have an idea of what you want to do, try to find if there are organizations willing to provide short internships for high school graduates.

Develop Your Skill

Maybe you are not a person too into academics and always been interested in things like painting, photography, stitching or baking or cooking. High school rarely give you enough time to develop these skills as you are already busy with classwork and assignment.

After high school, you have plenty of time to hone these skills, look up for classes in the field you are interested in and dedicate your time to develop what you are already good at. This can be with sports too; you might have engaged in certain sports in your high school and would want to continue, hunt for clubs that help with your sport and train yourself


You can even start earning immediately after high school or you want to save up for college, colleges are not free in most places and to pay the tuition fee is quite a task. Therefore, one might think it’s the best idea to work to earn some money for their college which is a smart thing to do as well. But if you are planning to permanently take on a job, look around for job opportunities and try them out.

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