College life and theuniversity is not all fun and games like they claim it to be but as a student, you will have to deal with a major stress. The study load, the assignments, the projects, the presentations andeverything in the never-ending list about university will stress you out to the fullest. It is not only the study related matter about theuniversity that will stress you out but there are many other factors as well such as feeling homesick, having relationship issues, alcohol, managing the work, the debt and yes, that creates a never-ending list too. If you are stressed, there are certain ways to which you will react. When a student a is stress, he or she will try to escape the stress and take their toll into drugs or alcohol, there will be certain physical changes that will happen such as increased heart rates, constant headaches, hyperventilating, etc.  Also, stress could lead to psychological reactionsto anxiety, fear and panic. If you are a student who is willing cut out the stress of your student life to the fullest, here are some of the things that you need to know:


The Exercise

Most of the time, people are told to exercise to deal with the stress. However, exercising doesn’tmean that you have to head to the gym every day. It will make it even harder for you to time manage. Just do something that will get you to sweat and race you hear? If you are walking your way to the university, you can simply walk a bit faster or job or even ride a bike because it will give you the needed exercise.  It has been said that exercising to a moderate level for 5 days a week will help you handle the stress levels in the finest manner.

The Relax

No matter how well you manage your time, if you don’t manage your time to include some time for yourself to relax, you are not doing it right. Some of the best and most commonly used ways to relax are to meditate and it has also beenrecommended by clinicians. Practicing meditation has shown to lower stress levels significantly.

Talk to someone

If you spend a lot of lonely time, the negative effects that will be heading your way are worse. Therefore, it is essential that you focus on talking to someone that you trust about your problems. Having someone that cares about you and who will be there through thick and thin is important.


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