Education that is receivedby a child is the building block of who they turn out to be. Many children in the world don’t education and as the world is developing, the needed actions should be taken in order to develop the education that is given to the children all over the world and the improve the quality of the education system. It is important that every aspect of education is looked into. Education is a human right and every child should be given the basic education until they are old enough to decide on what they are to do with their life. Education adds colour and beauty to one’s life and it will surely make one’s life so much better. Regardless of race, age, gender language, social status or any other external factor, every child should be givenproper education.

It is important that elementary school is made compulsory.  Moreover, education is essential in helping individuals develop their personality and to have an idea of who they. It will promoteunderstanding and will mature a person. An educated person will help better the society. Here are some of the things that should be given to all the children across the continents for education as a human right:

Help get their life together

If a person is illiterate, they will not be able to live in a part of the country that works mostlyinreading and writing. Even if you are wanting to go on a bus, is looking for a certain item to buy, reading a newspaper, none of this will be possible if a person is illiterate. Also, without a proper education, one cannot gain a good job and make their living through to success. Without a decent job, there is no way that the person can provide the needed facilities to that person’s life. Moreover, educated individuals care more about reducing the pollutions and taking care of the pollution and are more likely to get along with people who they do not like. Also, educatedindividuals will strive towards gender equality.

The quality of the education

When a child is being given the education, it is important to assure that the child is being given quality education. The education that is provided should not only focus on the subject matter but give the children anidea of how to live as a citizen of the society and to how not to be a burden to it. Moreover, the same quality of education should be given worldwide.


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