Have you ever felt so helpless and at the mercy of others? Have you ever felt like you have been constantly told what to do in every aspect of your life? Have you felt like you have lost control of your own life and is simply just another cog in the machine? Well, here is the thing, the majority of people feel this way and some have not even been able to acknowledge it.

Some people blindly go by their day oblivious to the fact that their life could be so much better, so much more exciting and fulfilling for them. It is all about having control of your own fate. Taking control of your life isn’t one thing that you can do at any given one time. It is a continuous process where you constantly make small decisions that suit your needs and wants. Ultimately, all your minor decisions culminate to give the outcome that you so desire: control of your life and essentially your fate. Read on through to find out a few easy ways that you can accomplish this, or even get a little closer to accomplishing this.

Learn To Say No!

This is the first thing you absolutely must learn to do. This is also the thing that most people fear and don’t do thus handing away their free will. You might have plenty of reasons for not saying no, you could be scared that you will get fired, you might be worried that your friends would think of you in a negative way, you might not want to lose a relationship and the list goes on. You might feel that any given reason is good enough to compromise your free will but let me tell you, not saying no to things that go beyond your comfort zone is the first step to losing the control of your very own life.

At first, it may seem impossible and you might be afraid of the repercussions, but once you get into the habit of saying “No!” and standing by your decision, believe me, people will have a very different outlook on you. You will feel and look stronger as a person and the possibility of being taken for granted will diminish. So learn to say ‘No!’ a little more.

Make Up Your Mind

Making up our mind is something super easy to say but extremely hard to do. It is true that you control your own mind with NLP? But have you ever tried to forget something on purpose? How wonderful is it that your mind will deliberately keep reminding you of the one thing you want to forget, doesn’t really seem like you are actually in control of your mind, now does it?

Well, to overcome such obstacles that numerous people are facing, the rapid development of various methods related to the mind has been implemented in recent times. For example, places like the excellence academy specialize in neurolinguistic programming where you are taught step by step to slowly gain control of your mind. This is an absolutely revolutionizing practice that would have many benefits for people struggling with internal issues.

Face Your Fears

This is probably the most cliché thing you can hear but let me tell you this, there is absolute truth to it. Once you manage to conquer your demons and face your fears, you will become a whole other person completely in control of your life.

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