Many high school students have a hard time choosing what college course to take especially if you are graduating. You have to think about it carefully. It should be something that you think you will enjoy doing in many years to come. There are many choices when it comes to college courses. If you want to know some of them, continue reading below.


Do you like writing scripts? Or are you the type of person who likes being in front of the camera? Then communications course is the right one for you. You will also be responsible for writing speeches for speakers and will have the opportunity to work in advertising, business, education, government, media, and public relations after graduation.


A lot of students take engineering for many different reasons. Some for financial security while the others for the benefit of the society. But whatever the reason is, you have to love it wholeheartedly. You can work as a civil engineer, mechanical engineer, software engineer, etc. And you can work in a site, office, or design for your factory if you have your own business.


Do you have excellent people skills? Are you a born leader? If the answer is yes, you can take up a business course. You will learn about economics, marketing, statistics, etc. Also, how to make a budget, hire people, plan and execute ideas, and manage different organizations, and that is from small businesses to multi-million dollar companies.


Do you have compassion for other people? Or do you have a heart for service? Nursing course is the one for you. In this field, you will learn how to evaluate, diagnose and treat different health problems. During your first year in college, you will learn traditional science. Then the next few years will start clinical rotations. You have to pass the licensure exam to be a registered nurse. The job prospects for nurses are many, and you can work in your place or abroad.


Should you want to work in the government, you can take economics. However, it involves a lot of math and critical thinking. You will study the consumption of goods and services, distribution, production, and the list goes on. It will also help you prepare if you want to be an entrepreneur in the future.

Computer Science

In this course, you will not only learn about computers but hardware and software as well. Moreover, you will get to know about AI or artificial intelligence, programming, robotics and the likes. You can work in the office or other sectors like government.


Data is important in any organization like education, health, etc. That is why the role of a statistician is important. He or she has a mental ability to analyse data and the current and future trends, etc.

Aside from this list, you can take up biology, psychology, tourism, HRM, law, agriculture, finance, veterinary medicine, education, etc. The options are endless. Just find one that you think you will love and have a brighter future.

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