It’s no wonder that spending quality time with nature, soaking up in the sun and taking in fresh air are all fantastic for your health and well-being, but the fact is that many of us spend the day inside, behind the computer, in front of the screen and on our mobile.

All this time indoors, combined with our high-stress habits, can cause weight gain, chronic health issues, sleep disorders, and an overwhelming sense of unhappiness.

The great news is that you will not have to make grand adjustments all at once. Often what you need is a break from every day to fully change your life, and that’s where a health retreat comes in.

A health retreat can be a jumpstart that you need to get on board with healthy eating and workout, dealing with stress, and feeling better and happier generally.

Here, discover the five health benefits of a health retreat and whether you should schedule yours today.

Less Stress

Between your job, friends, income, and health, tension is often high. 

According to an American Psychological Association 2017 Tension in America study, 63% of people state that the country’s future is a very or very important cause of tension.

Another APA survey showed that people encountered a sharp rise in anxiety between 2017 and 2018, with more women (57%) than men (38%) experiencing symptoms. However, spending quality time outdoors is a proven way to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain, blood work pressure, enhance mood and raise capacity.

In reality, according to a systematic analysis in March 2011 in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, individuals who moved outside felt less anxious, calmer and more enjoyable than when they walked in the gym.

Weight Loss

If you’ve got five lbs or hundred lbs to drop, there’s no better weight loss exercise than one in the big outdoors.

Be it a nice walk on smooth, hill country, a more demanding hike through wooded trails, or an advanced hike through rugged terrain and high altitudes in the Rocky Mountains, outdoor trails will burn up some serious calories and it’s so much more enjoyable than a treadmill.

Healthy and Delicious Food

Unlike several adult weight loss resorts, with rigid weight loss plans and diet plans, a health retreat offers a menu of balanced, whole, natural foods that feed your body and help you understand how to eat a healthy diet at home.

You can find health retreats Melbourne based which are quite good.

Education and Support

Health and wellbeing retreat is also a great opportunity to gain access to evidence-based wellness, fitness and nutrition knowledge.

In addition to their core services and regular schedules, wellness retreats typically provide courses in exercise, yoga, nutrition and relaxation and provide massages in their bundles.

Community and Connection

The old saying, the strength in numbers, couldn’t ring truer than when it came to a fitness retreat.

A cohort of like-minded friends give the support and encouragement you need to stay on the journey and fully commit to your fitness & wellbeing goals while on holiday.

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